Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Too short, too long, too wide, too narrow, off-center, bumpy or twisted. There are many reasons that people might opt for nose surgery (or rhinoplasty). Nothing can change your look quite as dramatically as a reshaped nose. Whether you’re unhappy with the nose you inherited or the way time or an injury has changed its appearance, nose surgery could be the answer for you.

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What nose surgery involves

Through nose surgery, a surgeon reshapes your nose to bring it into better balance with your other features. During nose surgery, your surgeon restructures the cartilage and bone through small incisions inside your nose. It’s possible for certain breathing problems to be corrected at the same time. Once your surgeon has achieved the desired reshaping, your skin and soft tissue will rearrange themselves over the new structure. Since most or all incisions are made inside the nose, there will be little or no visible scarring.

Nose surgery usually takes one to two hours. We perform this procedure using either local or general anesthesia in the comfort of our state-of-the-art surgical center.

Depending on the surgical technique used, we may place a splint on the bridge of your nose to stabilize the tissues and protect your nose while you sleep. We may also place packing or soft internal splints inside your nose.


Nose Surgery 3-D Animation


What to expect after surgery

Immediately after surgery, we’ll take you to our recovery room and monitor your progress. Any discomfort you feel can be controlled with medication. After a few hours, a friend or relative can drive you home to complete your recovery.

For the first several days after nose surgery, your main job is to rest. Lying back with your head elevated will help minimize swelling and reduce the possibility of minor bleeding. Within a few days, you’ll see bruising around your eyes and cheeks which should fade within a week. Swelling may be noticeable for several weeks, giving way to very minor swelling that may last several months.

Packing will either dissolve by itself or be removed, along with stitches, within one week of surgery. You may need to wear the nasal splint for up to a week.

There are very few complications associated with nose surgery and you may return to work a week to ten days after your procedure. After three weeks, you can resume normal exercise, though you must be careful to protect your nose from accidental bumps and direct sunlight. We recommend using sunblock for several months.

Enjoying your new nose

Within a week of your surgery, you’ll get a good sense of how your new nose will look. However, because the healing process is gradual, you may not see the final result for up to a year.

The best candidates for nose surgery

Most healthy people who are dissatisfied with their noses are candidates for nose surgery. However, we recommend that children wait until they’re at least 15 or 16 when their noses are fully developed. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your medical history with you and talk about your expectations. Using computer-generated imagery during your consultation will help you and your surgeon agree on a realistic goal.