Enlarged breast tissue can contribute to pain and shoulder grooving. These symptoms may affect your ability to perform your daily activities and may even affect your work. In addition to physical pain, women may suffer emotional pain from large, pendulous breast tissue.

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What breast reduction involves

Incisions are made around the areola and on the skin of the breast. The areola is reduced in size. Breast tissue is removed and sent to a pathologist for review. Excess skin is removed. The breast is reshaped. Some pre-existing asymmetries between the breasts may persist. The reshaped breast will have incisions closed around the areola, from the areola inferiorly to the mammary fold and along the mammary fold. A drain will be placed which is removed the following day. Surgery is often performed as a day surgery. You may require pain medication in the post-operative period.

Breast Reduction 3-D Animation


Is breast reduction surgery right for me?

Breast reduction surgery involves an individualized approach, which is tailored to each patient.

Breast reduction may be a good choice for you if:

You have shoulder grooving.

The tissue under your breast is irritated and inflamed.

Your breast tissue inhibits you from performing daily activities.

You are healthy.

Your neck and back have pain from your large breasts.

What you should be prepared to discuss with your surgeon

Medications you take.

What your expectations are.

Previous surgery

Family history and any results of mammograms.

What to expect during your visit:

Discussions about the indications and outcomes from surgery.

The placement of incisions during surgery.

Photographs taken for your medical record.

Examination of your breasts and measurements taken of nipple and areola position, and evaluation of skin quality.

Discussions about risks of surgery.

Discussions about limitations of surgery.

What to expect after surgery

You will return to have the drain removed and your breasts checked. Your breasts will be swollen and may be bruised. You will have a surgical bra to provide support and comfort. You will be allowed to shower after several days.